Blackberry Bars

$3.50 Large Individual | $8.50 (1 Dozen Small Squares)

Cheese Straws

$6.00 (1 Dozen Box)

Lemon Bars

$3.50 Large Individual | $8.50 (1 Dozen Small Squares)

Peanut Butter Delights

$2.00 Large Individual | $6.00 (1 Dozen Box)

Pecan Pie Bars

$3.50 Large Individual | $8.50 (1 Dozen Small Squares)

Pecan Sandies

$8.50 (2 Dozen Box)

Pecan Toffee

$8.00 (8 oz.)

seasonal items

Sour Dough White & Wheat Bread

There are no frozen starters, no shortcuts. No preservatives or artificial ingredients. Just old fashioned baking and a passion and commitment to tradition, quality, and your health. Our sour dough bread is great to make sandwiches, french toast, or just to spread warm butter on.


Boiled Peanuts

Our Boiled peanuts are perfectly soft and never too salty. Our peanuts are created with the perfect balance of peanuts, salt, temperature, timing and love. We serve these hot or cold. Our boiled peanuts are a must have for true boiled peanut fans.

Chicken Salad & Pimento Cheese

Our chicken salad and pimento cheeses are prepared by hand using the finest ingredients to ensure that you experience only the best, old fashioned flavor. Whether it is a summer picnic or a corporate luncheon, the taste of our salads will have you coming back for seconds.


Jams, Jellies, Pickles, and Relishes

The secret to our jams, jellies, pickles, and relishes is simple-HOMEMADE. They are all natural, with no artificial coloring, no high fructose corn syrup, and no preservatives added. All of the ingredients we use could be easily found in your Grandmother’s kitchen cabinet.


We offer fresh squeezed lemonade and orangeade April through October.


We are pleased to offer a wide variety of hand dipped candies October through May. Homemade chocolate covered cherries, peanut butter balls, and butterscotch haystacks are a small sampling of what we offer. All of our candies make great gifts and delicious party trays.


Our Classic Fudge flavors are true masterpieces. Simple and traditional, each is a delicious and satisfying indulgence. We only use fresh, natural ingredients in our timeless recipes, creating the highest quality, sweet-but-not-too-sweet gourmet fudge. You’ll love curling up at home and enjoying our handcrafted classic flavors!

Blackberry Wine Soaked Fruitcake

Nancy Jo’s blackberry wine soaked fruitcake is available Thanksgiving thru Christmas. It is her grandmother’s recipe. Please don’t knock it until you try it!!! There are many fruitcake converts gained from this recipe!!!!